Design PCs



JU 52

The materials and forms selected for the development of this model were inspired by historic aeroplanes. The outer case of the housing is made of high quality, moulded panels of light metal,
exactly as was used in aeroplane construction. For the securing of the casing, the familiar old technique of riveting has been exactly reproduced. In the front and rear areas of the model, fine French walnut has been worked in which, together with the typical cockpit elements, goes to make up a successful optical composition.



Decimus Mappa Maser

The main feature of this model is the curved form, which in architecture represents strength and load-bearing capacity. The combination of the natural irregularity of the wood and the clear lines of the curve and the body results in a successful and harmonious appearance. The front casings and switches provide a lovely contrast to the wood and the materials used in these vary from model to model.



PARVUS Verona Maser

familiar lines of furnishing architecture with its extraordinary form. This is another study where we combine different materials to achieve an effective contrast.



The combination of high gloss black metallic enamel and the exquisite optical effect of gold and diamonds which we have chosen here lend this model an especially noble appearance. The drive facings and the feet of the appliance have been made from gold. As an optical highlight, diamonds have been set into the front, spelling out the initials of Testa Motari.