iameco PC

iameco is an Irish computer company which has long been seeking to create a harmonious relationship between computer technology and ecology. Such a development also, of course, requires the right optical appearance and appropriate housing material. Following extensive consultations and planning discussions with this customer, we have drawn up a range of design studies.  When these various prototypes were presented to iameco, the company ultimately opted for a simply styled beech housing sealed with natural hardwax oil. A conscious decision was taken to avoid elaborate design elements in the interests of achieving a pure and natural optical appearance. 

iameco PC


Front of the PC in beech with open drive cover.

Shuttle design study in polished Makassar ebony featuring concealed operating controls (touch sensors).

Iameco design study for ATX PC housing featuring concealed operating controls (touch sensors/developed by Testa Motari ) in polished vavona burl and stainless steel.

Iameco PC in vivid beech sealed with natural hardwax oil.


Shuttle design studies in various materials and variations.

Front of a PC in beech featuring engraving and integrated operating controls.